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.Chris Müeller
3rd Degree Black Belt
Head Instructor/Germany

Born in Germany in 1972 Mr. Chris Mueller began his Martial Arts training at the age of seven with the art of Judo. After trying several other sports, such as soccer and table tennis, Mr. Mueller returned to the Martial Arts in 1985, and began studying Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate under Christian Springer at the age of 13. It didn't take long that he realized that Kenpo would become his livelong passion. In 1986 Mr. Mueller began successfully competing in tournaments around Europe: West-German Champion (freestyle), 2nd place at the German Master Series (freestyle), 2nd place at the Pon Do Kwan Championships (forms and freestyle) just to name a few. Mr. Mueller is one of the few German Kenpoists that have met, and trained with Mr. Ed Parker personally during his visit in 1989.

In 1993 Mr. Mueller fulfilled part of his dream and competed in the original International Karate Championships in Long Beach, and retired shortly after from the tournament circuit. It was then that he met Mr. William Kongaika for the first time at the IKKA Headquarter in Pasadena. Being a 1st degree brown belt Mr. Mueller decided to further his studies at the Mekka of Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate and moved to Pasadena, California in 1994.

Studying under such greats as Paul Girard, and Frank Trejo, Mr. Mueller became a close friend of Mr. Kongaika and his first German student.

In August 2001 Mr. Mueller,  a 2nd degree black belt and a Bachelors degree in Business Administration in his pocket, returned to his homeland and began instructing Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate in Düsseldorf. After returning several times to the US Mr. Mueller decided to introduce Mr. Kongaika, his mentor, friend, and instructor, to the German Kenpo scene. In 2005 the first  “Our History – His Legacy” event took place, and continues to be held annually in Düsseldorf. In 2006 Mr. Mueller was promoted to 3rd degree black belt by Mr. Kongaika. 

Mr. Mueller continues to teach Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate at the Lufthansa Sportscenter in Duesseldorf-Loerick.



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