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932 N. Diamond Bar Blvd.
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
626-255-4998 TEL



                                                  MAX Dojo  American Kenpo Karate Studios                                               

Congratulations on your Promotion!



To those who tested last night. It was a long and grueling test but they performed extremely well and did what they do best, HIT!

Vladimir Svorobovic 3rd Degree Brown Belt
Adolofo Reyes - Purple Belt
Seni Kongaika - Orange Belt
Alex Dunn Orange Belt
Joey Stewart Orange Belt
Keith Yount Teen Orange Belt


Congrats Monrovia Student!

Christopher Canales - Jr. Orange Belt


Congrats Monrovia Students!

Joey Stewart -  Yellow Belt
Alex Dunn - Yellow Belt
Keith Yount - Teen Yellow Belt


Congrats Monrovia Student!

Christopher Canales - Little Dragon Yellow Belt



Kaili Kongaika - PW Black Belt
Paul Kongaika - PW Black Belt
Jacob Hayes - PW 2nd Brown Belt
Raymond Hernandez - PW 3rd Brown Belt
Mathew Jones - PW Green Belt
Vanila Pulu Suliafu - PW Orange Belt
Alec Flanagan - JR Yellow Belt
Anika Flanaga - PW Yellow Belt
Noni Kongaika - PW Yellow Belt
Sioeli Kongaika - PW Yellow Belt
Douglas Kongaika - PW Yellow Belt
Jacob Kongaika - PW Yellow Belt

Great enthusiasm and good hard core fighting. The 3 vs 1 fighting was intense!



A huge congratulations to:

Edmond Wong - 3rd Brown
Steven Resell - Green Belt
Alvin Waterhouse - Blue Belt
Lesley Kongaika - Blue Belt
Phil Smith - Yellow Belt
Seni Kongaika - Yellow Belt

fast and hard hitting group. Lots of Kenpo spirit!


Just wanted to give a huge congrats to Monrovia's own, Lassandra Cook for her promotion to Jr. Blue belt today. It's been a long time coming. But with hard work, patience and perseverance, it finally paid off as I kicked her into her next rank. She definitely deserved it. Good Job Lassandra!


Congrats to those who tested in Santa Clarita.

Pam - Purple
Bruce - Orange
Francis - Yellow
Carley - 3rd Brown
Consuelo Gomez - Purple
Alex - Blue
Zachary - Yellow
Eric - Orange

Great Job and I love the intensity and spirit of contact. No ill feelings about getting hit. You guys are great.



Denis Tan - 3rd Degree Black Belt

Marshall Rao - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Tony Maniscalchi - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Michael Garcia - Jr Black Belt

Chris Guerra - 3rd Degree Brown Belt


Proud of all those that tested. Was a real impressive test. I love it when the other black belts jump in for a good work out. The energy level is always the best. Then capping it off with 3 on 1 sparring. Talk about intense. Congrats Mr. Gomez ...on your 2nd degree Black. Very much well deserved. Congrats to Edmond Wong - Green belt, Lesley Kongaika & Alvin Waterhouse - Purple Belts. I'm proud of you guys. Awesome!



Consuelo Gomez Pee Wee Orange

Quinn Hild Pee Wee Orange

Alex Broad Pee Wee Purple

Great job guys!


I wanted to give a BIG congrats to Hector Mendiola in Monrovia. He was promoted to Yellow Belt. He was very impressive, sharp & crisp. It was a well deserved anxious to see how he develops over the years, this guy is awesome. Good Job


Wanted to give  huge congrats to those who tested in Diamond Bar this past weekend. I was really impressed with you all. Your promotion was truely deserved.

Congrats to:
David Chang - 3rd Degree Brown Belt
Joseph Peck - Purple Belt
Les Kongaika - Orange Belt
Ryan Peck - Orange Belt
Alvin Waterhouse - Orange Belt


Just wanted to give my huge congrats to Monrovia's own, Angela Ramirez. She was promoted to her Jr. Green Belt. After several months of hard work, patience and perseverance, I decided to "kick" her to her next level at the end of regular class. It has been a long time coming and most definatly deserved!

Good Job Angela!


Congrats to Marc Fischer for achieving his new belt!

After a crueling test with lots of sweat and bruises we are very proud of you. Being the only kid amongst a group of adults we are proud that you kept your own and never backed down. That is the attitude we are all striving for. You are now a respected yellow belt and you should be very proud of your achievement.


Just wanted to give a huge congrats to those that tested yesterday in Monrovia.

Michael Garcia - Jr 1st degree Brown Belt.
Victor Duron Jr. - Teen 3rd Degree Brown Belt.
Sergio Mendiola - Little Tiger Orange Belt.

Everybody did a fantastic job and their promotions were very well deserved

I'm proud of all of you!!


CONGRATS!!! to those who tested in Diamond Bar.

David Chu - Jr. 3rd Brown Belt
Julias Suliafu - Jr. 3rd Brown Belt
Rowland Suliafu - Jr. 3rd Brown Belt
Raymond Hernandez - Jr. Green Belt
Jacob Hayes - Jr. Green belt
Edmond Wong - Blue Belt
Joseph - Orange Belt
Lesley - Yellow Belt
Ryan - Yellow Belt

Great job guys!!


Congrats to those who tested in Santa Clarita.

Pam Stephenson - Orange Belt
Carly Moreno - Jr -Blue Belt


To those who tested today in Monrovia. Very well done & deserved. Great job Mr. Gomez.

Daniella Duron - Teen Green Belt
Victor Duron Jr. - Teen Green Belt
Christian Duron - Jr. Green Belt
Lassandra Cook - Little Dragon Purple Belt
Alejandra Mendiola - Teen Yellow Belt
Andres Mendiola - Teen Yellow Belt
Sergio Mendiola - Little Tiger Yellow Belt
Maurice Gomez Jr. - Little Tiger Yellow Belt

Superb Job!!!


Congratulations to those that tested at M.A.X Dojo Germany:

Sven Jens Raue - Purple Belt
Marcel Neuhaus - Purple Belt

Lots of power, sweat, blood, and bruises!
They both did a great job!



Tano Simonian - 2nd Brown
J. Chu - 3rd Brown
David Chang - Green

Big Congrats to  Mr. William Kongaika
6th Degree Black Belt


Just Wanted to Congratulate those that recently tested both from Diamond Bar & Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita School
Alexander Broad - Yellow Belt
Aimee Broad - Orange Belt
Josh Wolfe - Orange Belt

Diamond Bar School

Kaili Kongaika - 1 Brown Belt
Paul Kongaika - 1st Brown Belt
David Chang - Green Belt
Jacob Hayes - Blue Belt
Josh Tajera - Blue Belt

Great job guys keep up the good work !!


Superb job tonight!! Lots & lots of energy.

Mr. Gomez - 1st Degree Black Belt
Mr. Cuberly - 2nd Brown Belt
Mr. Simonian - 3rd Brown Belt
J. Chu - Green Belt
David Chang - Blue Belt
Tom Munoz - Purple Belt

Great job & looking really sharp.



!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!

To those who tested today in Monrovia.

Daniella Duron - Teen Blue Belt
Victor Duron - Teen Blue Belt
Christian Duron - Jr. Blue Belt
Angela Ramirez - Jr. Blue Belt
Lassandra Cook - Little Dragon Orange Belt

You all did fantastic and showed alot of heart and definitely earned your ranks today! Good Job


!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!

To those who tested today in Diamond Bar.

Kaili Kongaika - 2nd Degree Brown Belt
Paul Kongaika - 2nd Degree Brown Belt
David Chu - Blue Belt
Raymond Hernandez - Blue Belt
Jacob Hayes - Purple Belt

Very well done and a belt well earned!!


!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!

To those who tested today in Diamond Bar.  It was a pretty grueling test, but a lot of heart was shown tonight.

Johnson - Blue Belt
David - Advanced Purple Belt
Robert - Purple Belt
Tom - Orange Belt
Sean - Orange Belt

You guys are moving like lightening and sounding like thunder.



To our students in Germany

Felix Griebsch - Yellow Belt
Sven Raue - Orange Belt

To our students here in Diamond Bar

Juju Suliafu - Green Belt
Roro Suliafu - Green Belt



Just wanted to Congratulate those that just got promoted this week.

David Chang - Adult Purple Belt
Joshua Tajera - Jr. Purple Belt
Matt Jones - Jr. Purple Belt

Well deserved.  Definately earned.


CONGRATULATIONS to our Jr's & Teens who tested in Monrovia. As always, you all showed great energy, power and determination!

Michael Garcia - Jr. 3rd Brown Belt
Victor Duron - Teen Purple Belt
Daniella Duron - Teen Purple Belt
Christian Duron - Jr. Purple Belt
Alex Frias - Jr. Purple Belt
Angela Ramirez - Little Dragon Purple Belt
Lassandra Cook - Little Dragon Yellow Belt



Carly Moreno - Puprle Belt
Serena Georgeson - Purple Belt
Joshua Wolfe - Yellow Belt
Pam Stephenson - Yellow Belt

Great Job. Huge improvements. Keep up the good work Mr. Moreno, it reflects in your students.


CONGRATULATIONS to our kids who tested.  It's amazing to see the excitement from even the little 4 year olds.  All the kids did a great job.

Paul Kongaika - Green Belt
Kaili Kongaika - Green Belt
DJ Jones - Orange Belt
Matt Jones - Orange Belt
Joshua Tejada - Orange Belt
David Chu - Yellow Belt

Sept 29, 2007

@ Monrovia Location

Michael Garcia -- Jr Green Belt
Victor Duron --Teen Orange Belt
Christian Duron -- Jr Orange Belt
Daniella Duron -- Teen Orange Belt
Alex Frias Jr. -- Jr Orange Belt
Angela Ramirez -- Little Dragon Orange Belt.

July 30, 2007

Tom Munoz - Yellow Belt
J. Chu- Yellow Belt




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