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Mission Statement

Founded by the late Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker, the International Kenpo Karate Association was established to help govern Kenpo throughout the world. Mr. Parker, the undisputed, “Father of American Kenpo,” taught and inspired hundreds and thousands of martial artists. Almost every Kenpo practitioner and Kenpo organization can trace their roots back to the I.K.K.A. and Mr. Parker.

Mr. Parker accomplished more then most men could complete in a lifetime. His passion for obtaining new knowledge never ceased as he continued to refine and expand the art of Kenpo. However, his greatest accomplishment went far beyond the art he developed or the books he wrote, it lies within the countless number of people whose lives were deeply touched by his sincerity, generosity, kindness, integrity, compassion, spirituality, love and friendship.

The International Kenpo Karate Association, more than any other association, feels it’s an honor to be able to continue in the labor of love that Mr. Parker left for us – continuing to perpetuate and revolutionize Kenpo through sound logic, concepts and principles. Bringing Kenpo on top, by breaking traditional bands of keeping our focus on the positive aspects of life.

The I.K.K.A is an organization that is a home for all Kenpo practitioners to benefit from and welcome all who wish to join. No one will ever replace our Grandmaster, Mr. Parker – for he never taught any one person everything. However, he did teach everything to each student collectively – focusing on the individual strengths of each student. Therefore, we feel it is important to network, to form unity in heart, mind, soul and strength – sharing the knowledge Mr. Parker has left with each of us...



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