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Tribute to Mr. William L. Kongaika

On Saturday December 13th 2008. The black belts of M.A.X. Dojo American Kenpo Karate came together as one and honored their friend, mentor and chief instructor. This day will go down in history as one of the most emotional moments as Mr. Kongaika was presented with his 6th Degree Black Belt.

Each black belt student shared a few words of their own. However, a poem was recited that pretty much said it all. We would like to share our tribute with all of you to showcase our appreciation to the man who continues to inspire us all.

Mr. Kongaika.......What does he really do?

We all know Mr. Kongaika,
our teacher, our friend, our mentor.
He is honest, he is direct, he is always dependable.
But he is more than that...

*He makes us work harder than we ever thought we could
*He is patient and diligent with us
*He makes us feel 100% when we perform at 70%
*He makes us focus
*He makes us wonder and question
*He teaches us to analyze and revise
*He makes us humble
*He teaches us respect for ourselves and others
*He accepts us and never judges us
*He leads us

...........................But most of all, He makes a difference in all of us.






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